Document and Workflow Management Systems

Introduce your business to green-economy with the help of +prodoc.

Prodrom has developed the +prodoc. business flow and document management system for changing your offices into a green-economy supporting places in which paper use is minimized. Now, the management and flow of your documents are faster, easy and secure…

+prodoc. is a business flow and document management application which helps you manage all your electronic documents, in-office business flow and provides a standardization for your work processes; achieves all your documents and business processes, eliminates any possibility of data lose and enables an effective use for the resources of your enterprises.

Through the +prodoc., you can clearly identify the business flow, simplify your delegations to the staff, create form-elements on the digital environment, manage business processes over your pre-defined dynamic work flow plans, view the progression of the work processes, see possible delays and have the capability to get ant report with the advanced reporting options. Besides, +prodoc. grants multi use possibilities on a unique document and accepts access to different versions of a document with respect to the adjusted user privileged specifications.

Prodrom team, by the use of +prodoc document management system, aims to minimize the paper circulation in your office and boost the efficiency and the effectiveness by carrying all your work flow into digital processes. +prodocdocument management system offers its users various advantages including;

- Your documents and work processes can be managed via single web-based platform,

- The hierarchy of the process can be fulfilled and followed with ease and in any case of a delay or failure, it can be easily analyzed and intervened,

- The bureaucracy in processes can be minimized and the efficiency can be raised,

- Huge amounts of paper savings helps your support for the green environment,

- Your work processes and documents can be reached remotely with confidence by the permitted users and gives you the chance of location independent work,

- With the detailed reporting possibilities you can track the efficiency in your office.

- With the digital achieving facility, helps you get more security against natural disaster like fire, flood, earthquake… etc. In order to get more secure, the archived data can be backed up at your office or cloud storage units.

Along with the +prodoc document management system, Prodrom team offers the service of carrying your current archive into digital world and helps you easily get over the hardest process in stepping into this better business lane.