Kampüs Yönetim Sistemleri

Kampüs Yönetim Sistemleri

UMS-DROM is web based software for effective management of administrative and university management functions that are necessary to successfully handle all of the challenges of running an educational institution. 

It promotes efficiency in management and operations. The information can be accessed anytime and anywhere from centrally database.

It is important for education providers to impart personalized attention to students and at the same time work towards expanding the institution beyond existing boundaries. e University Management System is the best solution. It takes the responsibility of proper administration on its shoulders and help the faculty and staff to concentrate on students’ development.

The university management system is well integrated division wise as well as departmental wise. It is a web based automated module that works towards handling the daily activities.

In this system all the modules are custom made for each university. As the size and functionality differs in every university, the system is modifies accordingly.